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velvet_who's Journal

Velvet Who Velvet LULZ (Hermits United)
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velvet_who is here because we lurv Doctor Who and VELVET SUITS. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES.

Mission Statement:


2. That being said... This is not the place to post your icons, fic, fanvids, screencaps, whatever... UNLESS it's directly connected with lulz.

3. This is the place to post any lulzy internet gems you may find.

4. We shall not suffer fools - i.e. this means that asshattery will not be tolerated. No real people bashing, no opinion smashing, no dream shattering, etc. Be nice.

5. We do it for the LULZ. This is a community for laughing at/loving (primarily) Doctor Who. Please do not fight with other members (see rule #4). We welcome any type of fandomy discussion with open arms. Please keep in mind that posts don't necessarily have to be about Doctor Who, we welcome any kind of fandom fun, in fact we demand it.

6. This is not ONTD. Just because our mascot happens to be David Tennant in a velvet suit doesn't mean that we want to know about/read posts pertaining to his private life. In fact we don't want to know about any of the casts private lives. This is not that kind of comm. Please keep the celebrity gossip to an absolute minimum. Of course if Mr. Tennant should turn up in another velvet suit... well, we would like to know about that, because obviously that is our business.

7. For the moment membership is completely open, anyone can join, anyone can post (do it!), anyone can have some lulz. You must however join to see the entries. If people start being mean we will close membership and make everyone listen to John Barrowman singing pop covers on repeat for all of eternity. Also, please remember to friendslock all posts.

8. Spoilers, large images and NSFW material must be put under a cut, with proper warnings. For the WHOniverse; if an episode has been aired in the U.K it and related media is no longer considered a spoiler.

9. Question? Suggestion? Concern? Complaint? Want a hand to hold? Page A Mod

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